We have 2012 installed and running, since WebAccess changed in 2012 the
GW domain that the Monitor Agent was using was removed.

Since GW Monitor is only supposed to need the domain during
installation, I modified the monitor.xml file to connect over tcpip.

If you want the Monitor Agent to fail over independently from the domain
that it initially accessed to gather information about agents to
monitor, delete the following line in monitor.xml:

HOME_PATH path=/domain

and replace it with the following line:

HOME_MTA address=IP_address port=port_number

where IP_address and port_number are the MTA IP address and port number.

When I do this, GW Monitor does not load.
From the monitor.xml file:
<HOME_MTA address="" port="7100" />^M
<BIND_ADDRESS address="" />^M

IP is pingable and a Cluster Address. This is where the
agent is running. is also pingable and has a MTA agent on port 7100.

At the moment, I'm suspicious that the HOME_MTA address is not being
read and connecting to the MTA at that IP.

I've not found a log file that tells me why the agent does not load.

Does anyone else have their GWmonitor connecting to an MTA on a
different IP Address?