hello everyone,

I have a server with oes2/sles10 NSS with 500gig of space for software (setup.exe,msi). I also have a zcc11sp2 with content-repo 300 gig. I never have any problem to deploy folder,file,msi,setup.exe with content-repo. Question for Novell expert : is it suppose to work by installing bundle from nss to windows7 with device boot before user login? I try to fix this problem for five days now..

Before I install the path monthly_update1: (before user login Device boot) I can ONLY install msi from network and copy file from nss to windows 7 but all other action are not working like copy folder and this is the reason I deploy the hotfix for COPY FOLDER or install SETUP.EXE from network

After installing the path monthly_update1 : TERRIBLE (before user login device boot) all action installed are not working from nss to windows 7. I can only deploy from nal with no login network with workstation only or after user novell login network.

I tried windows 7 with uac and no uac (disable by regedit)

I used credential users (.xxx.xxx)

This is the errors I have : Failed to process action: La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet or don't find folder but After the user login I can deploy the same bundle with nal!

What is the solution to deploy a big sofware with many files like autocad ???? content-repo???

This is my setup : two servers zcc Linux11, one server MSSQL2008r2, one server nss Linux10/oes2 Windows7sysprep single image with 20 addon-images, eight novell suse10/oes2