Hi guys.

I need advice about the process of migration of a few NSS volumes on a cluster from a Netware 6 System
to OES 11.

The scenario is like this: I have a cluster with 4 NSS volumes sharing a lot of folders to the users. This NSS
volumes comes from a SAN station. So, the point is I need to migrate this NSS volumes to a new cluster (not
migrating the actual cluster to OES). The process seems easy, but I need to ask you some question. The new cluster
is on the same eDirectory tree.

About the process of migrating the NSS volumes, is as easy like

1) cluster offline for every resource/nss volume
2) deactivate the volumes on the Netware server with nssmu
3) deattach the lun on the SAN for every nss volume and every server
4) attach the lun on the new server
5) Change the eDirectory object for every NSS volume on iManager
6) Create the new resource for every NSS volume on the cluster
7) Bring the new resource online and test

I have three questions.
- First one: Is necessary to do something with the trustees databases? Reading
the doc seems that if the new volume is on the same eDirectory tree, its ok.
- And the second one: I would like to create a snapshot of every volume on the SAN (just in case) and use this new
volume, if I would need to make a rollback. Do you think its necessary?
- The last one: Would be possible attach the new volume on a different eDirectory object, without deleting the old one?

Thank you all!