what would be the best way to Update a Printer Driver Profile with ZCM?

i published the Printer Policy with a new Version and checked "Update iPrint printer driver while installing the printer" for the Printer.

But this did not trigger the Update of the Device Settings.
However the User could delete the Device and after ZCM Agent refresh the Policy will install the missing Printer together with the Updated Profile.

Two side notes about iprint:

1. i set mistakenly install order to install iprint client before Novell Client on some Devices. This seems to lead to an authentication Prompt for logged users when the Printer Policy is about to install new Printers. This would not change if i update to the current Version 5.82.
btw. I prefer a Bundle to Update the iprint Client with 3 minutes delay after refresh just in case there is a printer Policy running. The Update will check \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell-iPrint Current Version as requirement.

2. I need to give users write Acess to C:\NDPS to make Printer Policies work right?!
This MAYBE cosmetic only but... i sometimes see inconsistent Printer Names. There is a "translation" of Server-Names under
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell-iPrint\Settings\Server Names\[Full qualified DNS server Name] to a short Server Name with TimeStamp.
Some Clients show the full server Name (ipp://...) others the nicer short-Name. Could not exactly reproduce but it seems that it resolve the short Name only if the local Admin installs the Printer.

best regards