I ran miggui on OES11 and pulled the files from NW65 sp6 (same tree), and no trustees came across!

I had created a new project and see that the "Trustee Options" tab is greyed out.

Reading the docs says:
Novell Documentation
Section 16.4 Migrating File System Using GUI

"Trustee Options
You can migrate the trustee rights of the users from the source server to target server. You can also specify the global password for the new users created on the target server.
This tab is enabled only in a Different Tree scenario."

What the heck? I want the Trustee Options tab. Is my miggui broken, or the docs?

If the latter, should the next sentence read?: "because in the same tree the trustees migrate automatically so you don't need to configure anything on this tab."
(which is my hope)

Bottom line: any ideas on why my trustees didn't come across?
I believe this is not just my issue, because the same thing happened to a buddy when he used miggui on OES11

Thanks in advance!