We're experiencing a pretty consistent problem with Windows XP Sp3 machines running the 10.3 client, in that post upgrade to 11.2 the XP Machines require manual re-registering and in some cases removing and re-installing the client. We've been unable to duplicate the issue so far in the lab, so am still in the process of nailing down the issue. We will be gathering logs of future failures, but in the mean time throwing out the question to see if anyone is seeing this issue. We have around 100 XP clients spread our around Australia still and a client upgrade failure on that scale would be quite an issue. (most are in small offices in the middle of nowhere)

I have applied the following patch to address a problem we were seeing:
Support | ZCM After upgrading to 11.2, ActionManager 'threw an exception..' for some bundles for some users

I was looking at the Patch rollup and didn't see anything that applied, so I've not invested the time in applying it yet. I'd rather identify the problem + solution before blindly applying patches. Will post more once I get a hold of more logs.