We have an existing Netware 6.5SP8 cluster with 3 nodes hosting 6 NSS volumes on a fibre channel SAN storage unit. Soon a second Linux OES2 cluster with 4 nodes will be built isolated from the first cluster with its own SAN storage device and switch. This will be hosting 3 NSS volumes. All 9 volumes are to be used for thousands of user home accounts under Windows and Linux. At some point in the future we would like to migrate the volumes from the first cluster onto the second so we end up with one 4 node cluster hosting 9 NSS volumes.

If, after downing the old cluster, we were to simply unplug the fibre channel cables from the SAN switch running the old cluster and connect it to the new would it be possible to integrate the NSS volumes in the new cluster?

If this plan is unfeasible we need to find an alternate way of getting the old volumes on the new cluster with minimal downtime so any other suggestions are welcome.