I followed the documentation on:

Novell Documentation

to get single sign-on with Vibe and Windows workstations.

The redirection seems to work correctly, I do get to see the Vibe site, but it still states "Guest" and not the logged in user.
I first thought it was due to the fact that Vibe was linked to eDirectory as LDAP source, so I switched to Active Directory as LDAP source. Same result.

The only anomaly I can further think of is that the Vibe server, residign on another (SLES) server, users non default ports for the HTTP ports and the listener ports. However, I don't really get how this could be of influence, as the ISAPI dlls connect to AJP.

I saw in the properties files of the ISAPI dlls it uses logfiles. These are not present and after creation are not used, so troubleshooting is a tad difficult this way.

Has anyone gotten this to work at all?