We have GW running on a NetWare 6.5 SP8, GW 8.0.2 HP3

We want to create a secondary domain ( and later a PO in that domain) on
a new OES2 SP3 box

We have a windows computer that is logged in as admin

We have O: Drive pointing to the EMAIL volume on the NetWare server.
The Primamry Domain and Post Office are in that volume (also the GWIA
and Webacc)

We have P: Drive pointing to the new EMAIL volume on the OES2 SP3 server
and it has a blank folder called mail

When running ConsoleOne we right click on the GROUPWISE SYSTEM and
select NEW and then select DOMAIN

We fill in all the information

* new domain name - SECDOM
* container to place domain - GROUPWISE OU in our tree
* the domain database patch - P:\mail\secdom ( the OES2 server mapped
drive I have on the Windows PC where I am running consoleone)
* Set the language
* set the time zone
* for the MTA Platform I set it to LINUX
* Link to DOMAIN is set to the existing Primamry Domain on the NetWare
* Configure Link is checked on
rest are checked off

I select OK and I'm asked to enter the IP of the server and ports. I
leave the ports as defaults and enter the new OES2 IP (

When I select finish I see it saying that files are copying etc then it
pops up with an error

"An error occured modyfying an attribute value. Path not found (0x8209)"

I click ok and it doesnt work. I look in the OES2 EMAIL\mail folder and
see the new SECDOM folder with a bunch of files and folders mimicing the
same structure in the PRIDOM folder in Netware
BUT no new domain is created

Does anyone know what happened? and what I can do?