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Thread: Trouble accessing a restore area by a user

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    Trouble accessing a restore area by a user


    I am trying to restore a Groupwise mail box for an account. I followed the below link for guidance. The issue I am running into is that the user is getting a permissions error when trying to access the restore area from her mailbox.
    The restore area is on a different server. I gave permissions to the post office and the user vial trustee rights.

    Novell Documentation

    32.5.1 Setting Up a Restore Area

    Step 11 is what I am confused on. How do I prompt for the username and password to be asked. I looked through the documentation for this but I did not get a good grasp of how to use these switches..

    If the restore area is located on a different server from where the post office directory is located, provide the POA with a username and password for logging in to the remote server.

    You can provide that information using the Remote User Name and Password fields on the Post Office object’s Post Office Settings page, using the /user and /password startup switches, or using the /dn startup switch.

    If you want users to be able to retrieve individual items themselves, you can grant users Read, Write, and File Scan rights to the restore area. However, if the GroupWise client is unable to connect directly to the restore area, it requests the information from the POA, so user access rights are not required.

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