Have a SLES 11 sp1 XEN Host server (Dom0) with 2 SLES 10 sp3 OES 2 servers and 2 SLES 11 sp1 servers as DomU's. Everything has been running fine. Per Novell's recommendation, I made a minor change to the xend-conf.spx file today (to increase the minimum memory value for the Xen host) and then shutdown all the DomU's and then rebooted the Xen Host (init 6). When the system came back up, Groupwise on one of the 2 SLES 10 sp3 servers did not load. Upon digging into this a bit, it appeared that the NSS volume was not mounted and/or available to Groupwise, hence the problem. In running rcnovell-nss status, nss is not running. On the 2nd SLES 10 sp3 server where there is also an NSS volume, it is up and accessible with rcnovell-nss status showing it operational. NSSMU also does not run on the suspect server. In running rcnovell-nss start, the response is:
...dead. required LUM namcd is not running.
As far as eDir goes, it appears to running as rcndsd status returns tree name, server name and all normally.

Now, the first thing I suspected was the change in the Xen-Host systems xend-conf.spx caused this problem so I changed it back to the original version of the file and restarted. No luck - same problem. But really, this change should not have affected the DomU's and/or NSS.

Any clues? Thanks!