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Thread: Gmail IMAP errors after creating a folder

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    Question Gmail IMAP errors after creating a folder

    Got a strange issue after trying to synch a new IMAP folder in the GW client.
    After adding a Gmail IMAP account to the GW client, it initially synched OK.
    Then I added a new folder on the client, then synched again, and received errors.

    The status indicator in the bottom left corner of the client shows:
    SSL connection established.
    Processing deferred updates
    Error window popsup
    IMAP4 error: 'NO'
    [TRYCREATE] Folder doesn't exist. (Failure)

    The status Windows shows similar:
    3:04:16 PM FDg5BVQoqqtDpUCboIAKxTbxGtRBqBRQoaiuAZUCbYICKhTbxG tQB6FSQIWiugZUCrQJCqhQbBOv
    3:04:16 PM QR2ESgEViuoaUCnQJiigQrFNvAZ1ECoFVCiqa0ClQJugwP8DuP/NbjtmzU4AAAAASUVORK5CYII=
    3:04:16 PM
    3:04:16 PM ------=_NextPart_000_000A_01CD23CC.634E9F90--
    3:04:18 PM A005 NO [TRYCREATE] Folder doesn't exist. (Failure)
    3:04:18 PM IMAP4 error: 'NO'
    3:04:18 PM

    I even tried adding test folder names to the Gmail account and the folder still doesn't synch to the GW client.

    Has anyone seen this issue before or can suggest any work arounds?

    - Gordon
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