Hello Novell-Forums.

My request regards an update for the ZCMs PRUs in order to discover Sophos Antivirus version 10 or higher.

At the moment the Asset Management discovers Sophos only up to version 9,5. All higher Sophos-versions
are to be found within the "Software Files by Manufacturer"-Report under the label "Sophos Limited", but
are not discovered by the Asset Management.

I guess the Manufacturer-label is the reason, why newer versions of Sophos aren't discovered:
Previous versions of Sophos were distributed under the Manufacturer-label "Sophos Tld", since version 10
Sophos Antivirus is published under the Manufacturer-label "Sophos Limited".

I would prefer if the PRUs could be updated instead of just creating Local Software Products, because our admins would
have to update theses definitions every time a new version of Sophos is available. If I guessed this wrong
and there is a way to create dynamic Local Software Products, ones which are not influenced by a minor
software-update, please give me a hint!

Otherwise, if I have to send my request to a specific department, please let me know.

Thank You a lot and best regards,

Hans-Peter Klein