Not sure this is correct subforum, but ... anyway.
We have behind firewall tree which has NW 5.1 and OES2 (on Windows and Linux) servers. I'm trying to approach shared dir's from Windows 7 (64 bit) using UNC from outside (of our firewall) subnet, but ... can't do that. Path not found etc errors appear. Firewall is configured to allow everything for this device. Inside firewall from Windows 7 no problem using UNC etc. to get access. Sure, these devices (inside fw) have Novell Client installed. I have another SLES 11 server inside firewall with shared dir's using Samba and this one is via UNC accessible from outside W7 device just fine.
Probably I missed something? How (if ever) I can get access to Novell shares?
More thanks, Alar.