Hello All,

All our GroupWise POA are running on Windows 2003 and I have created a new Windows 2008 server for our disabled accounts.
When moving users from the 2003 to the 2008 every account get a D106 error. The account seems to move successfully but the
old userxxx.db remains on the original POA. From reading up on the D106 it seems manually removing the userxxx.db and clearing the
move status is what needs to be done. However this shouldn't be happening in the first place and not on every move to this POA.
Also, when I try to manually delete the userxxx.db I have to wait 15-30 minutes for it to no longer be in use otherwise I can't delete
it. Below is the error from the POA log. Is there something special that needs to be done on Windows 2008 when moving users?

09:23:04 A10 (TRACKMOVE) Moved user deleted 'WpeDeleteUserExt' (0 0x00000000): userxxx (d1x)
09:23:04 A10 (TRACKMOVE) Completed 'WpeDeleteUserExt' (0 0x00000000): userxxx (d1x)
09:23:04 A10 (TRACKMOVE) Inconsistent data 'MvAnyUser_DoesUserDbExist' (53510 0x0000d106): userxxx (d1x)
09:23:04 A10 (TRACKMOVE) Sending status MOVE_USER_FINISHED: userxxx (d1x)
09:23:04 A10 (TRACKMOVE) END PHASE - 'MvSrcUser_DeleteMovedUser_Batch' (53510 0x0000d106): userxxx (d1x)
09:23:04 A10 Error: Database error [D106]
09:23:04 A10 Mailing Problem Message to Administrator

Thanks in advance!