2 of 5 post offices crash randomly. 1 PO is on an entirely different server and network. The POs started crashing after we upgraded to GroupWise 2012. Both POs run on SLES v. 10 fully patched. 1 of the POs runs in a clustered environment and other POs on the same server stay running when the problem PO crashes. The other problem PO is on a dedicated server along with the MTA and domain. I have run GW maintenance through ConsoleOne on both POs. I have renamed the wpcsin & wpcsout from postoffice directory and the ngwcheck.db files and ran maintenance from ConsoleOne. The issue still remains. Below is from the messages log and is the common error that is received when the POs go down. Any help would be appreciated.

May 22 10:14:24 lxnode02 kernel: gwpoa[28661]: segfault at 00000000e6eea691 rip 00000000f777a59e rsp 00000000ef73a210 error 6