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    Win7 Imaging suggestions

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm helping a customer with their windows 7 migration and I was trying to set them up with the following windows 7 image configuration:
    partition 1 for windows recovery
    partition 2 (c: ) for the OS
    partition 3 (d: ) for their user's profiles.

    The reasoning behind this is that if a user somehow breaks their OS, I can just re-image partition 2 with the base image and their profile will be intact (which I believe used to work with XP).

    This is what I did:
    I created a "vanilla" sysprepped image modifying the unattend.xml to set the user's profiles in d:\users (the third partition).
    created add-on images for drivers, zcm agent and scripts

    I then created 2 image bundles that do the following:

    bundle 1 - new workstation: delete all partitions, restore base image, restore drivers, restore zcm_agent, restore scripts
    bundle 2 - existing workstation: delete partition 2, restore partition 2 (with the -ap=a22 command), restore drivers, agent, etc.

    Everything works fine when I do the initial image (which creates the 3 partitions and restores them all), but when I re-image just the second one (keeping the 3rd partition intact with the profile) sysprep throws an error.

    At first I thought that it was some issue with the -ap command, so I created another image that only restored partitions 1 and 2 but, after a lot of trial & error, it seems that the issue is that sysprep doesn't like when there is a profile directory already present in the system and it fails because it cannot create the d:\users directory (which in the second case already exists)

    Has anybody else run into this? Ideas/suggestions are most welcome.



    by the way, the new ntfs driver in 11.2 rocks!!!!
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