I've 11SP2 Zenworks. I try to create a printer policy that will deploy and remotely install printers (without iprint).
So I downloaded the HP drivers. I also created a binary file to install silently and without intervention the printer. Manually, the installation works well.
I still have the three following error messages:

The action printer policy (ID: printer policy) failed due to the reason: partiallyFailedToEnforcePolicy, however the work is set to continue on failure.

Printer HP Laserjet 4014 can not be installed as driver for HP LaserJet 4014 model name Canon Series PCL not be found. You may add the printer driver using policy.

Printer driver installation failed for HP LaserJet 4014 Series PCL. The Provided driver install file type is not supported.
I edited the file manually to add the template printerDriverDetails.conf:
HP = HP Laserjet 4014

If someone could help me solve the problem.
Thank you in advance.