I have a 2 node NCS GroupWise 2012 cluster with 3 POA's.

The documentation says to install the dva agent on servers not a part of the cluster.
The GW 2012 Interoperability guide suggests starting the DVA with the POA in the cluster startup scripts but that would create three dva's running on two nodes ( seems abit over kill).

The POA startup scripts have options to point the POA to 3 (max) dva's ( see below).

I was considering installing the dva on each cluster node and creating a service start/stop script to start the dva when the node starts. Then modify each POA's startup script to point to the DVA's that are running on the cluster nodes.

What happens if the DVA agent dies? Does the POA detect that and then use the 2nd/3rd listed DVA?

Open for suggests. What is everyone else doing?
thank you in advance.

; Use the new standalone gwdva agent as the document conversion agent
; POA will send a document file to the GWDVA for conversion and not use
; the DCA

; TCP/IP address of the GWDVA
; Specify the IP address of the GWDVA where POA can connect for document
; conversion.
; You can specify up to 3 sets of DVA information
;--dva1ipaddr [address]
;--dva2ipaddr [address]
;--dva3ipaddr [address]