I would like to get a response to this from Novell directly if possible. I need an accurate straight answer for management.

Is there any way to get the 10.3.1 agents upgraded to 11.2 without using the System Upgrade/Update feature. Is there some kind of install switch that can be used with the downloaded agent files from the ZCC, mainly the Network .NET install. We want to slim down how much data is sent through the pipe, and now that the ZAA is so unbelievably bloated, we can't possibly be expected to push 400 MB through the pipe to our field employees who may be on an aircard connection. In fact, even the 70MB .NET agent may be large, so if we found a way to ship them a CD with the .NET agent, or full agent, is there some switch we can install the agent with to get it upgraded.

Thanks in advance.