I have following problem:

I use locations to determine where the PC are located. Inside the company i have several vlan's. I created rules for them and this is working fine. The problem is with PC who do a login via VPN, these PC are always in the location "Unknown".
I have a rule for IP-address for "location1" for "location2" for "location3"

The VPN connections are in the range 10.1.127.x, 10.1.231.x
When i do a ipconfig on the pc with vpn connection I find a local ip-addres 192.168.1.x subnet AND 10.1.127.x subnet GTW

How do i need to create the rule now for these PC that are connected via VPN, so that these PC are in the location "Other Networks". Even when these PC should following the rule this rule is not working for VPN connections.

Who can help?