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Thread: Setting up Remote Management for external users

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    Setting up Remote Management for external users

    Hi All,

    We currently have a zenworks 10.3 environment set up and all appears to be working well on the LAN with regards to being able to remote control machines etc. We are now looking to expand the remote control to enable support staff to remote control machines outside of our LAN.

    From what I understand so far through reading the zenworks documentation, is that we would need some kind of proxy server setup in the DMZ that will listen for requests from the client device and forward these on to the agent. There will inevitably need to be firewall changes etc etc... but i guess my question is to you guys who I expect have set some this up in your own environments, is how have you guys gone about achieving this? Its evident that there may be more than one way to achieve this, but would be useful to know the correct way of doing this?

    I know the question is a little vague, but this is the first time we’ve looked into the remote management externally - and this is where all the knowledge is :)

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