I have setup five OES11 servers. One of their functions is iprint for a couple buildings.

I have a role in each of my building containers, that the support person for that building is a member of.

The building role is listed in the manager role for, say iprint1 server.

The support person is able to login to imanager, create printers on the server.
Then, if they try to login to the print manager status page (https://iprint4/PSMStatus) on the server directly, they get an error saying they don't have rights, or authentication is straight up refused, and the login prompt returns.

I can login as admin to all the printer status pages without issue, as it is listed in the manager of print manager page directly.

Interesting enough, another user who is part of the tech support role for the building, is able to login to the page and has no issues. They are also able to login to another print server status page, of which they should have no rights to do so...

Thoughts on where to look for errors/etc?