I have a Netware 5.0 server and i meet issues with the SEND Message utility.
Users under Windows XP don't have issues receiving messages. But those who use the client for Windows 7 don't always receive the messages they are being sent.
When using the send messages utility, all users appear twice in the list with a different connection number. With Windows XP, the user receives the message when sent indifferently to any of these two numbers. With Windows 7, only one of these two numbers works.
If i check the active connections on the Netware 5 console, it appears that for these two connections, one is labelled as Status : Authenticated (and sending messages to this connection doesn't work) and the other one is labelled as Status : Normal (and users receive messages sent on that one).

What can i do to either make sure that all the messages sent whatever connection is chosen arrive to the recipient or to hide the Authenticated connexions (so that only one connection per user appear on the send message utility) ?

I hope my message is clear enough...

Thanks for your help !