hi everyone,

We haved ZCM 11.1 recently, and the agent installed on all of your WinXP and Win7 workstations. On XP, we have observed a slow login, about 40 seconds from the Novell Client login authentification to the desktop with all our ZCM applications. In some cases, it could take 5min! We have Intel DQ35jo motherboard (core 2-duo) with 2go of ram and also Lenovo core2 M58. If we don't have the ZCM client, it takes no time to login, the desktop will appear very soon to the user.

meanwhile, we have upgrade all of our servers to 11.2, hoping that this long delay could be eliminated. But no chance. In some cases, it's worst : it takes an extra 1 min from Novell client login to desktop (on xp). On win7, we don't have theses slow performances.

One thing weird is if we make a new XP base image from scratch with SP3, last novell client and zcm 11.2, it took about 10 seconds to login.

I also search a way to avoid the creation of new base images for our organizations by using some optimization parameters. I have seen that 11.2 have some Registry Keys to optimize some things at logon, but I'm not sure what is the best parameters... changing some parameters doesn't seems to change really the performance.

Any ideas?

thank you for your support!