I have no clue, if this the correct forum, but since the biggest changes happened in our dns-dhcp-setup before the problem started, I will give it a chance here.

We have a Netware-6.0-sp5-Server running dhcpsrvr.nlm and named.nlm. We moved the whole lan for some future changes from 192.168.x.x to 172.16.x.x and since then have some W2K-workstations with the Novell-Client have problems to login to the server.

After booting the workstation from the advanced options of the Novell-Client you can browse to tree, where the single tree is shown. But when trying to browse the context one received the message "Cannot access tree.". Same happens when trying to browse to the server. You can browse context and server, though, when the ip-address is entered in the tree-field. When login is started the error-message pops up: "The tree or server cannot be found. Choose a different tree or server." When trying after a few minutes (did not stop, make it 5 to 10 minutes) login and browsing works fine.

In dhcp the options 6, 78, 79 (mandatory), 85, 86, 87 are populated with the correct values. "display slpda" on the server-console looks fine and fits with "slpinfo /all" on the workstation-console. After digging through the forums and the knowledgebase I have some indications that the name-resolution of the tree might not work.

When looking through the named-debug-screen there scroll some messages like looking for "context.treename.domainname.tld" i.e., which does not look perfect to me either.

Any help or hint is highly appreciated.