Using Groupwise Build Number 98586 12.0.0 1/17/2012 client on a Windows7 64-bit machine. Keep having occassional problems with the client. Using Client in online mode a week ago, the user database was reported as being corrupt and client would not start. Upon rebooting the Linux server where databases are running, the client started and apparently was not corrupted. Thinking I might have better luck in caching mode, ran client for a week in caching mode and it started reporting database problems at client and locked up. Back to using client in online mode again. None of the post office utilities show any problem with databases at post office level. GroupWise Agent Build Version 12.0.0-98586. GroupWise Agent Build Date 01-17-12. - I did an uninstall and re-install of client a week ago using the utitlity that totally clears out the registry entries (can't remember the utility name). Any ideas?