I recently upgraded to GW 2012 in our LAB environment. The WEBAccess upgrade did not go so well. Thus, I installed a new GW 2012 WEBAccess.
My Desktop 2012 Clients can login to the PO fine.
However, the 2012 WEBAccess client will not login. I receive the following error: 951f The username or password you entered is incorrect.

Testing SOAP to the PO with http://xxx.xx.x.xxx:7191/soap I receive the following:
HTTP/1.1 200 Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 09:03:41 GMT Server: Linux GroupWise POA 12.0.0 Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8 Pragma: no-cache
We are using LDAP authentication. I am not using SSL. I have researched the error: Rejecting unencrypted bind on cleartext port in nds_back_bind, err = 13

Found TID# 10080334 and I do not have TLS selected.

Below are snippets from the POA log and a LDAP Ndstrace while logging into the 2012 WEBAccess Client. Any ideas what may be wrong? Thanks for looking!!

13:29:14 AF93 Initializing LDAP session with xxx.xx.x.xxx at port 389 App( SOAP )
13:29:14 AF93 LDAP Error: 13 (admin)
13:29:14 AF93 LDAP Error: Confidentiality required (admin)

_[0;0m3052571552 LDAP: _[0;0m[2012/05/29 13:29:14.386] _[0;0mRejecting unencrypted bind on cleartext port in nds_back_bind, err = 13_[0;0m