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Thread: NET USE in Login Script (XP SP2) Error

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    NET USE in Login Script (XP SP2) Error

    My Login Script remaps network drive. Before my personal script starts this drive is mapped to Microsoft Domain. My script maps it to Novell drive.

    The mapping itself works fine, i.e. I can see and use the new drive. It's "label" (as seen in "My Computer" and Novell Map dialogue), however, still lists MS domain path.

    I asked to add "NET MAP G: /D" command to my personal script. It does not work and produces the following error:

    Script error: 
    LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-600: This utility could not interpret the line.
    The original line was:
    Is it some kind of path issue?

    Do I need to load CMD explicitly?

    Something else?

    TIA, Eugene
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