Hello people

Ok so I'm looking to deploy Windows 7 (x86 & x64) to new pc's that come into our school.

I've installed MS Windows AIK and Deployment workbench on a virtual Windows 7 client (x86)
I've created the DeploymentShare$

I've imported the two OS's x86 and x64 Windows 7 and generated the iso images as well as the LiteTouchPE_xx.wim files
In a virtual PC (Vmware) I've booted from the generated iso images and this works well.
PE asks me usual stuff Pc name workgroup/domain etc etc fine and Windows 7 installs.

Am I right in saying if I use Zen 11 sp1/2 and create a preboot bundle and use the LiteTouchPE_xx.wimfiles I should get the same as booting from the iso files?

I can successfully deploy the LiteTouchPE_xx.wim to my test target (virtual) pc but when it's finished applying/deploying the wim file and reboots all I get is BOOTMGR is missing.....

So is applying LiteTouchPE_xx.wim the same as booting from the iso file (LiteTouchPE_xx.iso)

Can't see what I'm missing here.
Didn't alter much in terms of in the task sequence. Checked if disk partitioning was ok, primary, make active, NTFS, 100% of disk, disk 0 partition 1 etc - i.e the defaults

Any help appreciated....