we are using ZCM 11.1 with ZPM. I tried to deploy the patch "Adobe
APSB12-08 Acrobat Professional 10.1.3 for Windows (Update)
(Multi-Language) (See Notes)1814497293" on Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise x64
German via a Remediation but it does not seem to work.
The Action fails with the error "Failed to launch C:\Program Files
(x86)\Novell\ZENworks/zpm/Remediate.exe. Exit code: 144" in ZCC
I looked in the System-Eventlog and found the following entries:

-Information: PLUS DEPLOYMENT: Information
File Name: AcrobatUpd1013.msp
Installation conditions were not met, not installing: AcrobatUpd1013.msp

File Name: AcrobatUpd1013.msp
No patches were installed by the deployment script.

- Error: Kategorie: BundleManager
GenericActions.LaunchExitError: Fehler bei Aufruf von C:\Program Files
(x86)\Novell\ZENworks/zpm/Remediate.exe. Endcode: 144

The patch never installs. There are no requirements in the Patch-Bundle
so i cannot see which Installation conditions should be met. The notes say:
"Patch Notes
• By default, the update installer is deployed to the System temp
directory. An administrator may then manually install the update. User
interaction may be required to accept an unsigned driver provided by Adobe.
• Use other deployment options for automatic installation.
This patch applies to versions of Adobe Acrobat Professional greater
than or equal to 10.0.0."

The patch isn't deployed to the temp-Directory.

But the real problem is that the devices are rebooting constantly every
15 minutes because the patch tries to install again. When creating the
Remediation i set it to "never Reboot".
This is one of our first attempts to deploy patches with ZPM. It is very
important for us that ZPM only reboots the devices when we allow it. Our
users won't be very happy with this odd behaviour...
I've the other post belonging to Acrobat and reboot...

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,