Hi Guys,

long time forum reader, but first time poster - therefore please overlook the low post count.

We have a ZCM 10.3.3 setup, and i'm struggling to acheive Imaging connection.

Due to a lack of IP addresses in our ZCM subnet (DMZ) we have created a private LAN for commissioning new devices.

A router has been put in place to forward ICMP requests from the Imaging Satellite on the Private LAN to the ZCM Servers on the DMZ subnet, but im still getting comms errors.

From reading these forums, i see TID: 7004082 is very similar - but i'm hoping there will be a solution to my slightly different scenario.

Basically "office politics" means that our only communications from the Private LAN to the DMZ are ICMP requests (as we discovered early on that the Zen Satellites will not promote to imaging servers unless they can Ping the ZCM Primary Servers).

I have checked the novell-pbserv & prebootpoilcy logs etc (on the Imaging Satellite within the Private LAN), and see that after obtaining a DHCP request the client device (to be imaged) contacts the Preboot policy service, then exits.

The logs say "Failed to connect to ZCM Server (IP) at port 443, error code 7

What network requests are the clients trying to send through to the DMZ? and is it possible to configure them to look at the Imaging Satellite on the Private LAN, rather than go across to the DMZ, as due to the politics mentioned above, i don't think we will be able to make any further network changes.

I have looked at the conf files in the preboot folder on the Imaging Satellite but the only changes i have tried (and still failed with) is changing the HTTP server IP (novell-zenimgweb.conf) from the Primary server to the IP of the imaging satellite.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you in advance,