We're having an issue with Zen 11.2 (which was also an issue under Zen 11.0) where Windows 7 desktops will stop talking with the Zen11 server. The Zen Agents will revert to "unmanaged" states and and only a "zac rr" using a Zen administrators account info seems to fix the issue. The issue was pressent when using the 11.0 agent but continues using the 11.2 agent.

Is there a reason why this keeps happening and is there a fix?

The only solution I've been able to come up with is to configure a scheduled task on each workstation that runs a "zac rr" command on weekly basis.

Also, have had to configure a "zac ref bypasscache" on each users's log on because users were not receiving updated bundles or policy information. Pretty sure this somehow relates to Zen agents reverting to "unmanaged," but i could be wrong.

Any help or insight is greately appriciated!