Hello, all. I've got a problem with a SLES 10 SP3/OES2 SP3 server. It runs CIFS and is the main file server. It has a R/W replica with the users. eDirectory died overnight and these messages appeared repeatedly in /var/log/messages and the cifs.log:

Jun 4 12:36:58 FILESRV3 CIFS[7360]: CRITICAL: AUTH: Error in connecting to Local DS Agent: 111
Jun 4 12:36:58 FILESRV3 CIFS[7360]: CRITICAL: AUTH: Failed to connect to eDirectory. ServerIP:,Error: 111

Users could not map drives, but authenticated users could browse already mapped drives. Starting the eDirectory service allowed users to map drives once again, but I believed I had configured redundant LDAP auth sources some weeks ago when I added 3 eDir servers as LDAP sources in the "LDAP Configuration for Open Enterprise Services".

I also added eDir servers' IP address to "alternative-ldap-server-list" in the /etc/nam.conf file and performed a "namconfig -k".

Still, when I shut down local eDirectory to test, I get the same errors. It seems very persistent in talking to the local eDir only.

Since this is the company's primary file server, I definitely want to create some redundancy for the local eDirectory service, since it can go down. Any advice??

Thanks in advance,

~Howard Hyten