im still struggling with iPrint Printer deployment.

This is the Environment: ZCM 11.1 , Win7 x64 Pro German, Iprint Client 5.82, Client 2 SP2 IR3

Task: deploy Printers for standard-users

I create a printer Policy with multiple printers by simply dropping the ipp:// urls into it. define the default printer and anything else is left as is.

- bind the Printer Policy to Machines.

Now after a fresh Win7 install if the first user logon to a Machine he would see printer authentication failed prompt. If -by chance- the user authenticates with Iprint-Prompt correctly (username+context) the Printers install.

If i logon as local Admin - do Novell logon after. The Printers install silently.

There is a difference between the silent and not-so-silent installs:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell-iPrint\Settings\Server Names\[Full qualified DNS server Name]

i find a mapping of short server Names to full qualified DNS Names.

only with the silent installs the Printer Names in Devices shows the friendly shorter Name not the FQDN.

how can i make the install more silent for standard users?

best regards