We recently upgraded to ZCM 11.2, we thought this would also fix some imaging issues.

We use imaging scripts, what we tried to do is:
1. Make an Image Bundle
2. Make a Bundle Group
3. Add the Image Bundle
4. Add the Workstation Group
5. Go to a device that's in that group, 'apply assigned image'

The details on the right stay 'blank'... The device does not boot into image mode.
Somehow that does NOT work. Also tried using Dynamic Workstation Group and Folder.
Even tried connecting the Image Bundle directly to the Workstation Group.

What does work is a direct assignment by adding a relationship between Device and Image Bundle.

So, in 10.3 I got JAVA error doing the above, in 11.2 it does not break anything but doesn't work aswell...

Would like to know if you guys experience the same thing or can tell me how to accomplish this.

Thanks in advance!