Ok Let me see if I can describe what is going on here.

Our back ground Novell shop with E Directory and our workstations have never joined a domain ( so they are all part of "workgroup" by default ). We had a domain and need to join it and we need to do this with out creating new profiles on the workstation when it joins ( all of our apps redeploy if that happens ).

We have created a script that does this with no issue and I tested a third party tool that does the same .

So here is the issue ( which I can duplicate 4 for 4 times ).

To not inconvenience the users during my testing I build out an identical machine to what they are on ( model , groups , apps , access and DLU ) log on as the user and build it completely out .

I assign our script or the third party tool and all works as expected ... and a new profile is not created. So I decide ok I will do their machine now ( I reassign the DLU they had before ) and it fails .. a new profile is created ( user.domian) and their machine is now busted. If I also build out a second NEW machine and reassign everything it works fine this is only on their old workstations that they have had for 6+months. Again same model , apps, DLU,applications.

What could be going on ?

PS . we need to join 1500+ users so building out new workstations is not really feasible.