Hey all,
Something I'm not seeing in the docs here, trying to save my self a lot of time re associating drivers. I've done one Transfer ID migration of a minor print server from SLES/OES2 to OES11 (32 to 64 bit, can't straight upgrade).
It worked, with lots of caveats and gotchas. The one thing that didn't was the driver store migration. We have a single driver store for our 12 schools, its been a great thing as most of the printer models are shared amongst the schools. With this transfer, i don't want to migrate the driver store drivers, I just want the new print manager to keep the same association to the driver store that isn't part of the migration at all.
This didn't happen, I told it to copy the drivers from the master driver store to a new, temp one I made. Way to scared to tell it to copy from/to the same master driver store if I wasn't sure it was going to do exactly what I wanted it to.
Any ideas on how to make this work nicely? currently re associating drivers on the one I migrated, small location, no biggie. Other places its gonna be a nasty pain.