Just recently we started having a problem with the iPrint manager on one of our servers.

It tries to start but I can see this error in the message log.
Jun  5 18:03:59 mungret ipsmd[10701]: Error (506D0207) occurred while initializing the Managed Object database.
Jun  5 18:04:00 mungret ipsmd[10701]: The iPrint Manager has unloaded successfully.
Jun  5 18:04:00 mungret ipsmd[10515]: A child process has gone or the iPrint Manager has had a fatal error and has been auto-restarted 5 times within the last hour. There appears to be a repetitive problem occurring. The iPrint Manager is exiting.
I believe the problem happened because the disk which contains /var/opt/novell/iprint because 100% full. But even though I have fixed the space issue and run a repair it still won't start.

Any ideas?