Running ZCM 11.2 MU1

We have an AD pol that folder redirect the Desktop to c:\Desktop, and we have an AD pol that gives the users RO rights to this Folder.

Normally Zenworks Bundles are to be accessed thru the Zenworks Window or start Menu, however we do have a few bundles that needs to be placed on the Desktop. And this seems not be be possible as placement is done with the user credentials (and they dont have rights to place the .nal files in the folder).

My sentiment is that the ZCM agent service should be allowed to place the .nal shortcuts in the restricted desktop folder, but I dont see how ?

If I manually (as admin) copy a .nal file to the folder, the user can execute this just fine - or a call to "zac bln <bundlename>" also works just fine - so it is a question of being able to show it where we want it ....!