(NSM Event Engine on NetWare SP8 with all post-SP8 updates)

We added A LOT of accounts (~175,000) into eDirectory. The eDirectory import went fine, but Storage Manager is choking on its provisioning process. It's hogging 100% of the CPU and eventually causing server abends.

Is there a way to throttle the CPU for the NSM engine? Or, throttle the number of accounts to provision at a time? Right now, we're stuck with apx. 100,000 items in the event queues and the server continues to abends after 15-20 minutes. Unfortunately, it's the bad abend type that fills the screen and doesn't write to the abend.log file. So far, it has also caused a corrupt pool. We originally thought the pool corruption was causing the NSM issues, but we pointed the home directory policy to another location on the same server (a separate pool on a seperate array controller) and we're back to the same issue. It rebuilds the process list, starts processing events in the queue, works for 15-20 minutes, and then causes a hard abend. Of course, the server runs perfectly if we unload all NSM NLMs.