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Thread: Installing & Patching Adobe Reader

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    Installing & Patching Adobe Reader

    Background: We have about 300 managed devices (majority are Win7 SP1 x64, others WinXP SP3 x86) with 3 different core versions (8.x.x, 9.x.x, 10.x.x) of Adobe Reader and their various patch levels installed there were all installed prior to us using ZENworks (11.2).

    We’re looking to create a new bundle for Adobe Reader X (10.1.3) to deploy to all managed devices that will install the latest version if it is not on the specified machines and update the other devices from their older versions to the latest.

    It seems there is a couple of ways this could be done. Below is what we tried with minimal success. Any recommendations on improving upon what we’ve come up with so far and/or suggesting other (better?) ways of doing so would be greatly appreciated.

    We started by creating an administrative install point of 10.1.0 and then patched it to 10.1.3. We then created an .mst files using the Adobe Customization Wizard (10).

    Before creating the bundle/uploading the content to the repo, we tested the install on a test vm that didn’t have Adobe Reader. The install went smooth and the .mst was applied. We restored the vm and installed an older version of Reader to test updating it with the newly created aip. The install fails every time and will not update/install over the top of the existing older version. We tried the REINSTALLMODE=omus with no change. By using REINSTALLMODE=vmous, it would update to the new version, but then the .msp was not applied.

    What are the best options for deploying Adobe Reader or any other .msi in this case where is seems like the new .msi won’t or doesn’t update effectively over the older version(s)? It seems the only way or best way to remove the older versions would be to create a script or bundle that would remove the older versions by MSIEXEC /x with the corresponding GUID for each older version. Then run that bundle prior to the install of the latest version bundle?

    We created then a new bundle with the 10.1.3 .msi, content and .mst file. We can apply this to a managed device with no Reader and it installs and works perfectly. Naturally, we ran into the same issues as the above tests when trying the same scenarios when attempting to install the bundle over older versions as well.

    There are also the Install actions for Install MSI and MSP. Would this be a better way to create the bundle in the first place instead of creating the patched aip and using that content for the bundle? Do you just add both those actions in order and that is it? What benefits does this provide over creating the patched aips in the first place?

    We’re still figuring out how to best do these tasks for our environment. Any ideas, help, etc… is more than appreciated. If we’re able to come up with some solid ideas/ways of doing this, we’ll have to create some cools solutions articles for others.

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