Hi, last Monday I applied the "ZCM 11.2 Monthly Update 2" patch and now I'm getting reports of multiple computers using wireless pci card from 3com and some with wireless usb key that get BSOD when trying to boot. We have a mix of Windows XP Pro x86 and Windows 7 Ent SP1 x64 computers. To make sure that it is indeed the ZENworks agent that is the problem on these computers I simply remove the wireless card, or wireless usb key, and the computer then reboot correctly. Finally, I uninstall the ZENworks agent and reinstall the wireless card. The computer is now booting correctly and the wireless card is working correctly also. So is there any known problem right now with this "ZCM 11.2 Monthly Update 2"? I'm only aware of these:

See TID 7005596 ZCM 11.2 Monthly Update 2 "Publisher" for Group Policy Helper shows as "Unknown Publisher"
See TID 7005747 WinPE does not work correctly after applying update to existing ZCM 11.2 zone
See TID 7008363 Devices updated to MU2 will show a pending state if MU1 is imported afterwards
See TID 7006638 Offline users unable to login to ZCM
Thanks in advance for the help!