One of our users has just brought this to our attention.

If you synchronise more than 1 addressbook via mobility you also get an addressbook called "All XXX" where XXX is the activesync connection name. From what we've been able to determine it _should_ contain all of the ActiveSync connections contacts for all of the synced addressbooks. If you only have 1 addressbook synced you don't see the "All XXX" addressbook at all.

So far, so good.

However, the user in question has noted that not only is it displaying all of the ActiveSync connection contacts. But ALL of the contacts from personal iPhone addressbooks as well, which are definitely not present in the GW addressbooks (such as Dad, Mum, etc).

So 1) is this a bug, and 2) have I got the right idea about what this mysterious addressbook is supposed to contain?

I have only ever synced a single addressbook so have never noticed that this existed before.