I am currently evaluationg Zenworks 11.2 in VMWare (ZENworks11SP2_Appliance-x86_64.ova).
All our other servers are Windows servers and we are on a Windows 2003 active directory domain.

I'm working through the tasks in the "Getting started"/"Welcome to the ZENworks Control Center" page.

I've set up 2 discovery methods for our LAN. IP discover and LDAP discovery.

The IP discovery does work (it takes a while) and the LDAP discovery takes less than a minute to complete.
It would seem that the LDAP discovery finds the devices on our LAN. However, they all have a red X in the Status column.
Hovering over this red X displays the message "Discovery of devices using all chosen technologies failed".
The Discovery Technology column says LDAP (failed) for all devices.

I configured the Discovery Process Settings to use all methods and I do have a Windows Proxy configured.

Can someone tell me what is wrong please?