OES11 with NCS
I have the following error after setting up the first node of a new cluster:
# grep -i ncs /var/log/boot.msg
<notice -- Jun 12 16:39:32.175922000> novell-ncs start
FATAL: Error inserting sbd
Operation not permitted
<notice -- Jun 12 16:40:03.223823000> 'novell-ncs start' exits with status 6
Skipped services in runlevel 3: smbfs nfs irq_balancer smartd novell-ncs

Following the Cluster Adminstration Guide I did set this node without a
cluster sbd partition. The error appeared after defining a sbd partition
with sbdutil and nssmu (chapter 8.15.3 of the manual).
After deletion of the partition with nssmu the kernel module and cluster
services still fail to load.
Is there a way out here or will it be time to do a fresh installation?
Why does the kernel module sbd.ko not load?