we want to optimze our imagingprocess (at now we manually install the zen client after deploy) for our workstations. I have found the article for zen cfg 10 which describes the installation of the client after deployment using the runonce-feature.
Unfortunatly this doesn't work good for us as we have to insert the win7-licensekey before first logon (thanks M$) and also there seems some bugs in my install script. For imaging we use ms imagex.
So has anyone a working scriptset for this?

We also have the problem that in some computerlabs we have to redeploy the image in the evenig. I had the problem that after those deployment with an older image the zen client doesn't perform the linked packages. I think because they was installed before the image was applied. So is there a way to force the client to reinstall all packages?

I think a good way to deploy the client (as there was a article by novell which uses this) would be:

1. Imagedeploy
2a. first autologon - install zcm-client via runonce-script
2b. say the system that on next login start script two should be started
3. reboot
4. force update (here might be problems with further reboots needed by setups and potentially with the issue that zcm tries to install two or more packages at a time - msiexec)
5. reboot
6. cookies

Can someone give me suggestions with that or give better solutions? Thanks alot. The imagingprocess should then be done by assistents and trainees. So this process should be pretty straight forward ...