Hi everyone.

Im working on a migration from NW6.5SP8 (+PostSP8, incl FTF slp). to OES 11 SP1/SLES 11 SP1.

Im working with the ISOs downloaded from download.novell.com. I'm trying to get openslp to do the Backup through the settings net.slp.isDABackup = true, net.slp.DABackupInterval = 900, net.slp.DASyncReg = true. I do not see the /etc/slp.reg..d/slpd/DABackup folder getting created.

These are my openslp rpms, as they come out-of-box

vslccs02-idm:/etc # rpm -qa | grep openslp

This is my /etc/slp.reg.d/ folder .
vslccs02-idm:/etc/slp.reg.d # ls
ntp.reg samba.reg ssh.reg vnc.reg
vslccs02-idm:/etc/slp.reg.d #

What's the minimum rpm release of openSLP enabling the "isDABackup = true" to work? Does The dabackup folder need to be created before? Who needs rights to it and what are they? if it's the case.

I know there a couple of new releases for openSLP posted on the web. Ive seen presentations stating about this folder and the backup procedure. They talk about OES 2 SP3. Was OES 11 released before OES2 SP3 was ready and committed? Therefore it's understandable the rpms are up-to-date on OES2 SP3 and need to be applied to OES11.

Thank you in advanced!