We decided to restart our DataSync server due to some odd behavior with a
couple users and now the "groupwise" connector won't start.

Message is:
An error has occurred starting the connector.
Error: Please verify that the Connector Manager is running and that the
connectors.xml is correctly configured.

We are running Mobility Pack 1.1.2 (code version is 428)

This error will not go away:
1- we've restarted multiple times

2- waited many hours (issue started yesterday so we've been down about 12

3- deleted residual SOAP event configurations (per docs)

4- Yes, running "rcdatasync status" shows all 4 components as "running":
DataSync Config Engine
DataSync Engine
DataSync Web Admin
DataSync Connector Manager

5- I even just restored this server to its state from a few months ago and
the problem persists!!!

It's this last test that now makes me believe the problem is external to
this DataSync server. Does this make sense? We've restarted this server many
times since the date of this restored server. I've now returned the server
to its present day status since the old server has same error.

Any suggestions?