Hi All,

Need advise on how to start investigating the cause behind the sudden stop to sync'ing of Groupwise items to ipad / iphone. I have had two users all of a sudden report that no new items have sync'd to their ipad / iphone recently. One user reported that the most recent item sync'd 12 hours ago and the other 2 hours ago. Forcing a device re-sync via the mobility connector monitor did not help. Re-initialising the users also didn't help.

I had a similar problem that I posted here nearly 2 wks ago (1 June: No Items being sync'd to device for one user) and the resolution was to:

1. remove the user from the service
2. delete the email account from the device
3. force an NDS user password change
4. add the user back to the service
5. re-create the accounts on the device

I did the same for these two users and sync'ing was restored as soon as they re-created their accounts on their devices.

I don't mind going through this process to restore the service for individuals, but would prefer to find the cause of the problem.

Obviously, I should start looking at the various log files, but not sure where they are and which ones to check.

We are running Novell Data Synchronizer 1.2 build 579 on a SLES 11 SP1.

Thanks for your assistance in advance.